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Hot Desking

Room Booking

Visitor Management

Return to Office

Application & Design



Room Booking

A complete enterprise class solution that can integrate with your HR and other office systems to provide total control over how your office is utilised to the full. 


Hotdesking (Hoteling)

Upload and create floorplan layouts that allow your staff to book office space as part of your workspace pattern design. Our Hotdesking features come with extensive administrative features to ensure you can implement the system that works for you.


Design Support

Getting the most from your meeting spaces can have a great impact on productivity and customer satisfaction. We can assist you in the design and set up of your workspace, event and meeting room environments including how to manage all the services that support the smooth running of workspace and meetings.


Return to Office Solutions

Use specially developed functionality and the powerful scheduling capabilities of our platform to ensure that distancing, tracing and hygiene protocols associated with pandemic management are embedded within tools provided to your staff


Complete Meeting Management

From simple catering to fine dining, you can personalise services for your visitors when hosting clients on your premises. You can administer all aspect of running a catering service for your meeting hosts including seasonal menu planning, allergen alerts, and cultural requirements.


Application Support

We offer assistance in all aspects of onboarding the application into your organisation including training, IT planning, and in-service application support.

4 Key Solutions that are vital for todays return to office planning

A full toolset to handle the return to office in line with pandemic protocols


Workspace Distancing

Automatically set distancing  and hygiene protocol rules within the booking system for desk and meeting spaces.


Visitor Screening

Tools that enable staff and visitor screening before entering a building. 


Hot Desking with Dynamic Distancing

Automatically set distancing  and hygiene protocol rules within the booking system for bookable desk space. Every time a space is reserved the system automatically blocks other workspace within your distancing parameters.


Track and Trace

A tool that can simply identify how staff and/or visitors have interacted within workspace and meeting spaces across a time period. This allows the notification of staff of possible interactions with someone who has had a positive test result